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Poker is a popular gambling game, found in almost all the casinos both land based and online. But a unique variation of poker game is found in the online casino that is the free online poker here the players can play poker for free without investing/spending even a single penny. Here the player play with dummy chips, coins and with virtual players, as poker game are skilful, the free online poker plays prove to be a convenient option for players to get some grasp of the game before they invest any money.

The free online poker games are basically offered by the casino companies to attract the players so, that they can enjoy a more satisfied and contended play. Traditionally the player had great difficulty in learning the poker game. Although the poker game is simple and can be learned easily, but players need to get some practical knowledge to be able to face the competitors form all around the world. The casino company hence came up with the free plays offer so that the players can get some practical knowledge about the game and get the confidence to invest in it.

Once the player finds the casino satisfactory he/she will join it. in this way free plays are an excellent marketing strategy to attract the players towards them, just like the many promotions and offer the online casino companies offer, similarly there are the free plays, so that the plays feel positive about the casino company and join them hence in a way the free online poker games work towards advertising about the site and popularising it among the online players. Hence the casino companies consider the free players as their potential plays who once satisfied with the play would be interested in investing with the company