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Arsenal against Fulham is the London derby in the Premier League for this week. Arsenal are certainly not in their best form, losing their last two away games and hardly managed to win against the really weak QPR with a goal in the last minutes of the match.
Just the opposite, the guests from Fulham enjoy another stable season in which they are a team which is really hard to beat, constantly winning points. Fulham are currently in a series of four games without a loss and if we exclude the loss from Manchester United the series could be increased to seven matches. In fact, two of the three losses for Fulham this season came from both Manchester teams - City and United, which is absolutely normal.
Last season, this match at Emirates ended with 1-1 and Fulham grabbed the win in the opposite meeting with 2-1. More about the statistics between these two and other results you can see at
Because of all this, it is a surprise that the bookies offer slightly lower odds for Arsenal's win, as the proposal is 1.5. At first glance, these are not very good odds, but there is a big but. Arsenal show their signs of recovery and if it follows the trend from the last seasons, Arsene Wenger's boys will burst with strong results, followed by another series of weak teams.
I believe that such series is coming for the hosts and it also explains the low odds for the home win here - another fact which shows an advantage for the Gunners. So far Arsenal is the team which created most chances in the league at home. The exact number is 17 and the next team - Tottenham is with just 15.5.This suggests that the problem with Arsenal is not in the style of play but in the attackers, who are furiously succeeding to grasp the situation after situation.
Personally, I think against Fulham the attack problem for Arsenal won't be an issue because Fulham allows more than 2 goals per game.
Therefore my bet for this match will be a home win for Arsenal with AH -1 with odds of 1.91

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